Survey Results: Online Community Metrics yields useful information about the state of the online community industry

I ran across the Online Community Metrics paper by the folks at Forum One in a folder from yesterday’s community unconference (which is rare, cuz I usually never sift through them) and was pleased to find your high value survey results.

I encourage you to access the PDF survey directly; “Online Community Metrics, Best Practices Survey, March 2007 (PDF)“. I think the forum one group has done a great job carving out a niche as being one of the top resources for the community segment, aside from Community Next.

There’s quite a few data points in this PDF Survey, which answers questions like:

  • How large are the common communities?
  • What’s breakdown of users, registers, etc
  • What registration information do you require? (most get email and name)
  • What do registered users get that unregistered users don’t (A great way to encourage folks to register)
  • What percentage of users actually pay for a service (it’s not that much)
  • What community metrics do you track? (The highest listed below in order)
  • Unique Visitors
  • New Registrations
  • Page Views
  • Retention
  • What other metrics do you track?
  • Quality of content
  • Tracking the brand through the “community ecosystem”
  • Impact of community on revenue
  • RSS subscriptions
  • If you were to add and track new metrics, which business problesm would you like to better understand?
  • Member lifecycle
  • Engagement
  • ROI
  • Aligning Goals
  • In the open ended results, some users suggested checking out the Microsoft Community Technologiess Group site. You can also check out all my posts tagged “Community Marketing