Students in Palo Alto use Facebook to launch protest

A Palo Alto (where I work) senior in high school performed a school yard stunt and overturned a car. The student was punished, and his peers are in uproar

“Some Paly students have formed a group on Facebook dedicated to his plight, with more than 300 members (The school has an enrollment of 1,700). Other students printed T-shirts lettered with “Free Tom,” a reference to Tom Robinson, a character in the classic, “To Kill a Mockingbird” who was unjustly accused of rape. It was a nickname Marchant had been using since his freshman year. The T-shirts, passed out for $5 Wednesday, went fast.” more from Inside Bay Area

I’m not sure how significant the alleged crimes were, it’s interesting to see that students now have a louder voice, can stay organized using social media. I’ve talked to several school administrators and they say they are starting to monitor social networks, and sometimes join the conversation.