Community Resource for Web Designers: Edezines

Robyn of Edezines first contacted me because she was interested in advertising on my blog. (which I think is a fantastic). I’m not quite ready for ads on my blog, although the topic is coming up more and more lately.

I checked out her site Edezines, and found that it’s really an online resource for the Web Design community. It looks like a resource to me, so I asked her to describe it in detail: is a self-proclaimed web design directory. In this case that means that Edezines has resources for those interested in both hiring a web design firm and learning how to do their own site designing. On one hand there is a directory of designers and specific details about each, including a handful of featured firms, as well as some articles addressing who you should hire and why for your specific site needs. For those interested in doing their own design there are a number of web design articles on such topics as usability, use of Flash, and more. For those just looking for a quick fix there are also some helpful design tips available…”

While I’m not sure how a firm becomes a “featured design firm” there appears to be come good resources for those seeking to buy or sell web design services. I’d like to see them create a web design directory that lists many firms, maybe by customer rating. See their web design resources section as well.

Additional Resources
Have you read my comparison of all website design process and workflows? If you’re trying to price a web design project, here’s some resources I’ve collected. If you’re a design firm and are looking to get your name out, you can leave a comment on this post.