Web Strategy Reading, A Roundup

Here’s a list of a few links that I found notable during my reading over the last few weeks:

Review of 3 Enterprise RSS Tools
Commentary on three enterprise RSS tools released. based upon report from Forrester.

Share Web Analytics to improve industry
Scoble notes that Analytics programs are inconsistent, TechFold provides some interesting commentary that suggests we share our stats with the industry. I would do it.

Emoticons Carry emotional baggage
This is interesting, as it indicates that Asians perceived facial expressions differently. In some cultures, a smile could be perceived not just as happy, but sometimes as a threat.

How Important is Web Usage Data To You?

Denis explores some great ideas on how, and what you should be measuring!

Simply Google
All of the Google Search features on one page

Social Media Censorship

When is the line too far? Expect more incidents to occur as the world keeps on sharing.

Kids (8-14) are helpful with online chores
Great way to assign your home labor force with some help, you know they can find info about the IRS faster than you can.

Digg launches a new interface “Arc” –sponsored by Intel
Intel believes in social media, and has sponsored the latest version of Digg’s UI called arc. Mesmerizing.

Logo Design resources
A resource of quite a few logos and designs, great for understanding branding.

Web Design resources
Out of creative spirit? Need a refresher? This list of elegant webdesign should propel you forward.

List of websites (Web 2.0) with the most traffic
The traffic on some of these social networking sites is amazing. Consider that users leave them open on their browser in a tab all day, I’m not surprised.