Silicon Valley Sightings: Carnival Parade in San Francisco

Drummers on Parade
(Above: Drummers parading latin beats on Harrison Street)

If you can’t tell yet, I’m really facinated about cultures, in fact before I got into web, I was a Jazz performance major in college.

Part of what makes Silicon Valley so unique is the open-mindness and accepting of cultures here, this melting pot gives way to new ideas, new cultures, and new methods of discovery and innovation

San Francisco (and the Silicon Valley) boasts a wide variety of cultures that habitat the gorgeous bay area in frequent harmony.

The Carnival is a annual parade and celebration that happens all over the world and SF is no exception. We purchased $5 dollar front row seats and witnessed a different sound, culture, dance, and costume stream by, great for my ADD.

Media I created

Video: Introduction: It’s pretty wild out here, my introduction (great salsa music)
Video: Dancers on Parade
Video: Drummers on parade
Pictures: I have over 300 photos in this set of Carnival

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