Wishing Dave Roberson the best (CEO of Hitachi Data Systems moves to HP)

I just learned from a employee at HDS that my former CEO, who I enjoyed working for has moved on from Hitachi Data Systems to HP Storage. In my three years working at Hitachi, Dave always had an open door policy, and was open minded to new ideas, espcially from youngins’ like myself.

I had several meeting with Dave around social media, online video, and online data storage, in fact, he even relied on me to help assemble a dinner where he was able to meet the Web 2.0 generation, as well as some players in the Online Data Storage market.

This article from CRN sheds a little light to why this change may have happened:

“Echoing rumors around the storage industry, Cerniglia said the change in executives could be the sign of a possible sale of HDS by parent company Hitachi in Japan to either HP, which has a long-term OEM agreement to sell HDS arrays, or to Sun, which is a long-term reseller of HDS arrays. “

I’m wishing Dave success in his new role, and looking to hear what happens next to HP Storage and Hitachi Data Systems.