Lunch 2.0 Phenomenon goes mainstream (SF Gate)

Jessica from the SF Gate covers the Lunch 2.0 origins and experience from the eyes of the founders, hosts, and guests. She observes that

“Now Lunch 2.0 circulates through Silicon Valley like a progressive cocktail party, the quintessential social network tapping the power of the Internet to create community and conversation.”

In addition to the SF Gate, I know that a few other publications are going to cover this meetup.

If you care to check it out, there’s even reference to the event I ran last summer at my previous employer. The tag line “Eat as much as you can store.” was from the very creative Mark Wiens.

Thanks to Mark, David, Terry, and Joseph for building such a simple idea would turn into a true silicon valley experience, even if my suggestions for some corporations to host it aren’t always welcome.

I’ll see you at next week’s NetGear Lunch 2.0 in Santa Clara, it’s on Wednesday and yes, lunch is free.

Pics Below: Lunch 2.0 on front page of San Francisco Chronicle

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