Steve Gehlen on the state of the Web Strategy Industry

Are you a decision maker and stakeholder of a website? Then you’re a Web Strategist!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Gehlen the founder of the Internet Strategy Forum in Portland. He recently ran a survey to Web Strategists (those that run websites at corporations, like Web Director, or VP of Web) to find out what the top issues, budgets, and salaries are for 2007.

I was one of the charter members of the Silicon Valley ISF group when I was a web manager at Hitachi. Many of these issues resonate with me, I can really relate.

What you’ll learn:

-Top issues by Web Decision Makers
-Who’s in control? Marketing or IT?
-What’s a Chief Web Strategist?
-How much money do these people make?
-What are the annual budgets for web?
-What are they responsible for?

Are you a web decision maker? Upcoming conference
Steve’s hosting the Internet Strategy Executive Forum in Portland on July 19th. PodTech will be there as a media partner interviewing some of the top minds in the industry.

Oh, and if I’ve interviewed you in the past, we’re just getting my show rolled out, I’ve got quite a back log, so please be patient. I’m lucky to have PodTech’s video editor Rocky help out, thanks bud. I’ve other videos, just click on the “Web Strategy Show” tag at the top of this post, you’ll find Doc Searls, Hu Yoshida, Michael Dell, and others! Here’s a summary of my intentions of this show.