Silicon Valley Sightings: Four Square, the next generation of Foosball in Silicon Valley?

Four Square balls everywhere

(Above Photo: Guest and employees at LinkedIn dine while surrounded by Four Square balls at yesterday’s Lunch 2.0)

Eric asks in his post “4 Square is hot in Silicon Valley?” (oh, and PodTech had nothing to do with this event, you can learn more about Lunch 2.0 from the official website)

I’ve heard of a few people playing the game in the valley, and it seems a lot more healthier than standing at a foosball table. Jessica Guynn of the SFGate’s Tech Chronicles (SF newspaper) told me that the guys are Meebo are doing it too. Heck in their early 2007 year predictions Eric of Meebo suggests that “meebo will host an official four-square tournament“. They even use 4 square to settle disagreements over bugs and even as primary excercise!

Not sure what Four Square is? The rules are here, all you need is blocked off white lines, cement, a handful of players and a ball.

So who else out there is playing four square?

Below: LinkedIn gave out hundreds of four square balls to attendees at Lunch 2.0, could it really take off?

Four Square balls everywherePicture 755Picture 755

Left Photo from Jerry Luc, Right photo from Mario Sundar

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