Lunch 2.0 at LinkedIn was incredible

(Left: LinkedIn provided each guest a 4 square ball, the latest rage in the valley)

There were hundreds present at the community event at LinkedIn in Mountain View. Even the fSan Francisco Chronicle, Justin TV, , Ustreamers, Business Week, and bloggers were there covering the event.

LinkedIn provided Armadillo Willy’s BBQ lunch for all, four square balls as gifts, and gave the four founders of Lunch 2.0 lunch box gifts. My role? Founder Mark Jenn nominates me as the “promoter” of Lunch 2.0. Mario Sundar, Kay, and others at LinkedIn did a great job with this community event. No demos, not pitches, just a friendly welcome and invite to talk further.

I was asked, “What’s the ROI of Lunch 2.0?” Well I would guess that hiring a PR firm, an event company to manage an event to get so many ‘viral’ social media folks (even Guy Kawasaki was present) would cost over $100,000. On top of that, to get the media buzz of such an event (hundreds of pictures were taken, lots of video and press) would be quite a bit. For example a quarter page ad in a newspaper would cost about.

The cost of this event is just a few thousand dollars for food and giveaways. The net net? Well if Markets are conversations It was worth it to LinkedIn to embrace the community.

I did my usual walk through using Viddler, (my longest one yet) so if you weren’t able to attend you can live through me.

I hope to see you at next week’s Lunch 2.0 at NetGear in Santa Clara, I’ll be there, along with the PodTech video crew.

Was this event as large as the Hitachi Blowout I held last year? Maybe, you be the judge.

Above Video: My walk through of the event, something was strange with the sound, not sure what it is.

Below Images of the event
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