Marketing Voices interviews Biz Stone of Twitter, questions asked from community

A few weeks ago, I pinged my network (using Twitter) to find out what you wanted ask the management team at Twitter. Jennifer Jones took that feedback (our shows are about community) to ask take questions from Ross Olson, and David Dalka and others. She was able to sit down with co-founder Biz Stone, to get answers, thanks Jennifer.

Be sure to see the list of questions that were raised in these comments, the cat questions are the funniest. (If you’re not a Twitter user, you’ll need to watch this video to find out what that means). Twitter’s icon is a bird , so when something goes wrong with the site, the Twitter’s 404 page is a cat icon, a lol cat to be specific.

And Jennifer asks the hard question: “Why are there so many error pages, and when are they going to be fixed?”. This is very relevant considering now that some are defecting to Jaiku.

By the way, if you want to add me as a Twitter contact, my profile is jowyang.