Web Videos in Real Life: Witnessing the Diet Coke + Mentos Live Show at Maker’s Faire

When I was quoted in the New York Times about the EepyBird Diet Coke and Mentos phenomenon I had not idea how powerful watching the show was in person.

Amazing how Eepybird launched it’s Diet Coke and Mentos phenomenon, every web and brand marketer across the world was jealous by this organic event. This was an unplanned brand event that promoted both Coke and Mentos, many companies tried to replicate but it just never quite looks real. My friends over at the Blog Business Summit and I agree, focusing on community rather than viral videos is strategic.

Today, at the Maker’s Faire event in San Mateo, we got to witness the two minute show from the two original guys. You’ll see Scoble in front getting footage and quickly retreating nearly running over me and the folks behind him –it was a fun event.

At Maker’s Faire today I saw Security Blogger Martin McKeay, Niall Kennedy, Chocolate Blogger Brian Stephens, Thomas Hawk, Cindy Li, Shel Israel (who’s blogged the event too), Alan Young, Johnny Ham of Ustream, Michael and Justin from Justin TV, Andrew Barron of Rocketboom, Sarah Meyers, and many others.

TV Celebrity Jimmy Kimmel
was there too, I snapped a pic.

Above Video: We stood in the back to watch the Mentos + Coke show, watch as the crowd goes wild, gets wet, and cheers as this internet madness goes crazy. Here’s the original if you wanna see what started this craze and what marketers are trying to replicate. And yes, that’s colleague Robert nearly running me over.

Above Video: I saw this art car that had a “city motif” to it, and flew the camera around it. More pics of the art car. George Lucas ain’t got a thing on me.

Below Images: That wasn’t the only attraction at Maker’s Faire, there’s quite a few other things to see, pics below. Yahoo, Google and Microsoft all had a large booth area.

Fire Breathing Moon carVenus Fly trapElectric MotorcycleDeath TankFire ArtWhack a knightPen CarGoGo GirlsBryce aims his Marshmallow gunThe coke armoryCupecake carsComplex 3d Ball Maze

Additional Resources

  • I took a video of the Human Mousetrap (remember that Milton Bradley game in the 1980s?
  • Robot battle and electronic drums, you can see Sarah Meyers cruising about.