The Press Room of the Future (Recorded Session with PodTech CEO John Furrier)

Our CEO at PodTech (where I’m employed), John Furrier, was invited to present at Third Thursday (an innovative group of PR professionals) in Palo Alto. Giovanni Rodriguez was the host, and lead a unique discussion discussing how Social Media, rise of the enthusiast has impacted how news, information, and discussion has changed.

In particular, the focus of this session was a focus on the future of the Press Room, a place traditionally reserved for those with press credentials and a background in formal journalism. Those times are changing as bloggers, podcasters, videobloggers (and now ustreamers) have entered the press rooms.

There were 30-40 people present at third Thursday, and I was Ustreaming the event live. One of the features of Ustream is that it archives the video for future use. I like this as I don’t have to live blog anymore! Yet another example of how social media is changing communications.

Ustream Archive: Giovanni Rodriguez hosts John Furrier, PodTech CEO, The Future of the Press Room

John shares the experience of the famed BlogHaus, which happened at CES in Las Vegas in Jan 2007. I was lucky to be part of the experience, it was amazing. Although John gives a good description of the event, it doesn’t even come close to the real experience.

I find this video that was edited by the PodTech editing team a good summary of the event, it really showcases the event.

PodTech Video: Summary video of BlogHaus

Measuring Success
I was asked many times “what was Bloghaus, what was it like?” so I put together this comprehensive list took me a few days to compile of all the mentions of BlogHaus. We did some measuring by the way, and we saw a direct jump of the term Bloghaus as well as the event sponsor Seagate. If success was measured on instances only then easy ROI, in my opinion.

I used my consumer camera and walked around the BlogHaus, you can see the whole venue and count half a dozen videobloggers. BlogHaus has so many Video Bloggers (Strong language, and mature um clothes on Irina)

Lastly, keep in mind that the BlogHaus wasn’t exclusive to social media only, members from the mainstream press were invited and welcomed into the mix –it’s “we”, not “them/us”.

I met Camcune who wrote about John’s presentation, great writeup. Mike Manual has captured the essence as well.

Update: James Lim, a newcomer in blogging has put in a lot of effort to capture what John presented on. I recognize this hard work, and you can too in his detailed and valuable notes.

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