Web Analytics Strategies, Processes, and Measuring Success, how do you do it?

I just got off the phone with Gary Angel (who I’m going to have on my video show), who has a small by effective Web Analytics firm in San Francisco. His company Semphonic has some unique offerings as they’ve standardized a process to make Web Analytics effective, a standard way to implement and get a program running and are doing some unique analysis in the crossing of Search Engine Marketing and Web Analytics.

I also know that Eric Peterson has a workshop on process as well as some other downloads.

Justin has listed out a basic process that he’s learned from Jim Sterne and Eric:

“1) Collect lots of data
2) Analyze the data (look for problems)
3) Create a hypothesis as to why a problem is occurring
4) Test solutions for your hypothesis (what’s the best way to fix the problem)
5) Implement change (the best solution discovered during testing)
6) Repeat
7) Make more money”

That #7 makes me giggle.

I can imagine the battle between a Web Analytics practioner and a Marketing campaign manager, where the marketing person wants the measurement of X, and the Web Analytics practioner suggests that real ROI from a non-monetrary campaign would be Y.

Questions to be answered:

1) If you’re doing Web Analytics at your company, what processes do you follow?
2) How do you measure success?
3) What do you do when Marketing and the Web Analyst don’t agree?
4) How does a Web Analyst ask for a raise, on what measure?