About the Web Strategy Video Show

As you’ve noticed, I’ve started to interview folks for the “Web Strategy Show” which is a PodTech media production. After building up some inventory, I’ll be releasing a video once or twice a week, and it will be in the PodTech player.

As a content producer at PodTech, I have complete editorial control over my show, I can interview, discuss anything that interests me, I’m in charge and me alone.

My show is really an extension of this blog, the Web Strategy Blog which focuses on how companies use the web to connect with customers. Typically, I’ve found that there’s a trilogy within a long term web strategy; Business, Users, and Technology over the long term.

[The Web Strategy Video Show is a fast, smart and instructional “Video White Paper” for today’s web decision maker]

This video show will also deliver those same topics, however here’s some of what you’ll get if you watch the show:

Duration: 15 minutes is the ideal time, it’s intended to be high on value content, low on chit chat.

Preparation: The topics on the show are determined ahead of time, I’m not going to waste your time.

Interactive: Sometimes, I’ll be asking you to let me know what problems or topics to talk about, sometimes, I’ll ask people to help come up with the questions for specific guests. Often, I’ll put my guests on the spot and ask the hard questions, I call this “poking the ribs”, it’s fun for me, and keeps it real.

Audience: Web Decision makers. These folks have titles like Web Product Managers, Web Marketing, IT Web Management, VP of Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Corporate Communications, PR and anyone else who is responsible for the larger direction of a website.

Topics: The show is a “Video White Paper”. We’ll often start with a problem, discuss the various options, and make a recommendation. Kind of like a “How to” web video show. If it doesn’t fall into that category, we’ll be speaking about the state of a particular industry or larger trends. I don’t allow “hard” product pitches on my show, guests are told they have to give some value, and then at the end of the show, we’ll talk about their offerings, I respect your time, if not, you won’t come back.

Top-notch Guests: I’m seeking web thought and practice leaders. Many are speakers, authors, bloggers, and people that “walk the walk”. I know who my guests are, I know what they do and what they’ve done, they matter.

Frequency: I’m aiming for a weekly show, or around that schedule. Sometimes I’ll have more than one discussion with one guest, depending on how things go.

I’ll be updating this post as things evolve, your feedback always matters, as this is as much your show as it is mine!

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