Sharing at the Social Media Club Workshop

I’ve been invited to listen, learn, and share at the upcoming Social Media Club’s Workshop on June 11th in Palo Alto. If you’re deploying social media at a corporation, then I encourage you to attend this event.

[You should attend the Workshop if you’re involved with Social Media at your corporation]

I’ll be sharing in one of the sessions, as well as Shel Israel, Deborah Schultz, and of course the Social Media Club (SMC) founder Chris Heuer. Here’s a list and profile of the workshop leaders.

Social Media Workshop (Register here)
June 11th, Palo Alto

When I was running the Social Media program at my last employer, I really embraced these workshops, as you learned a lot from your peers, believe me, you’re not alone. I suspect I’m in a special type of role now, I get to talk to people that are using social media at many corporations here in Silicon Valley and beyond, I get to see the trends that are happening, budgets rising, and headcount increases.

I look forward to seeing you there, here’s a summary of the last time we got together in Palo Alto.

Update: Shel has welcomed me to the event, cool.