A list of companies and services that provide live web video

You may know me as one of the guys that was live streaming the Web 2.0 conference in 2007, this is a space that I’m watching grow quickly.

I like lists, it helps me to keep track, gauge and watch a market. I’ve done this for a few other industries such as Online Data Storage, Social Media Measurement, and White Label Social Networking products.

I’m starting to see more and more companies emerge that offer Online Video Web Streaming. The requirements? It should be accessible by the average consumer, no or low-cost, and transmits video through the web. It should be MORE than just a webcam software or home security, it should have features such as social networks, widgets, and archiving abilities.

A list of companies and services that provide live, streaming, web video:


Express yourself live

Live interactive video for everyone

kyte: TV
With kyte you start your own broadcast network!

Live Broadcast!

The live TV studio in your browser

Operator 11
Grab your cam and join any show that’s netcasting

Instant Social Networking

Lifecasting Now

Home Monitoring made easy

Infinite Conferencing
Webcast Your Event… Get the Power and Reach of a Radio or Television Broadcast at a fraction of the cost!

Create, Share, and Watch Live Broadcasts

“Broadcast video “live” from the palm of your hand”

Justin TV
“A place for live video. That means everything from event streaming to lifecasting.”

Yahoo Live
“Y! Live was dreamed up as a way to make it possible for anyone to create their own live video experience”

Other Resources
While searching for more video lists, I ran across this great list. He’s got some other companies listed for scheduled broadcasting and remixing, but I’m primarily focused on live streaming. I’ve got a few he doesn’t and he had a few I didn’t. I love how the web promotes sharing and collaborative learning.


It’s May 2007, and there’s five on this list, I predict there will be at least 20 of these types of companies on the web by the end of year. I anticipate that Google or it’s YouTube acquisiotion will launch such a service by Thanksgiving of Christmas (when people want to talk to family remotely). It does seem like everytime Google swallows a company that it has little innovation for sometime, so we’ll have to see.

What’s the future of online video media? While video blogs are certainly getting more popular, streaming will too. I see social media moving from asynchronous to real-time. As our culture catches up to Asian countries usage of mobile, we’ll start recording and distributing more live video from cell phones.

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Update: May 29th, I’m excited about Ustream and have now joined the board of advisors, details on this post.