Silicon Valley Sightings: Baby Geek Wear


I saw this in Menlo Park on Santa Cruz Avenue (google map), it’s just a few miles from Apple CEO Steve Jobs residence in Palo Alto. It’s certainly a reflection of the strong tech culture in the bay area. When I have coffee in Palo Alto or Menlo Park, it’s so common to see many parents of the tech community out with their baby strollers. How do I know they’re part to the tech community? Aside from being so close to Sand Hill (where a lot of startup funding is done) They bring their laptops, iPods, they talk tech in the coffee shops then speed away in their shiny luxury vehicles.

If you really like this baby gear, you can get your own! I showed this to colleague Maryam Scoble (who’s prego) and she showed me this video about iRaq.

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