Ways to make your Website “Green” (are you doing this?)

Techcrunch is comparing which company is greener, Yahoo or Google.

I’ve started a list of ways to make your website green: Web Hosting, Servers, Green Energy, Networking, Power Usage, Computer and Server recycling, and of course, making your webpages print friendly. If you’ve any suggestions, please go to that post and leave a comment.

I was thinking about starting a new business, where I could ‘rate’ and analyze websites that were following these methods, they could register with me, pay me $25 bucks, and I’ll give them an image badge to put on their site. All proceeds will go to a non-profit that supports green web. Any business partners want to work with me on this? I’ll do the marketing.

I also started a new tag called “Sustainable”, which reflects on the long term effects of technology on life. And this website is hosted with Dreamhost, which has gone green.