Resources to create a “Green, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly” Website

Napa, California

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Green, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly
That’s a movement we’re all starting to hear about more and more. Corporations, Individuals, and customers are starting to pay attention to the demand that thinking long term is important to the world, and to business.

At some point, if you work at a technology company, or any other industry, some individual or group within your organization is going to push the green movement, a mandate will come from upper management and every group will have to figure out a way to be ‘green’.

I think I’m ahead of the trend here, and want to provide the definitive resource for the Web Strategist (those that are responsible for the long term direction of a website) with some resources on creating a green website.

Be prepared for the “Green Web Police”

Remember how “Web Accessibility” became important? I’m sure at one point, some green group will create a “green certificate” showing that your website is eco-friendly, and you’ll place that badge on your website for a few thousand dollars. Some users will boycott websites that are not green compliant.

I’m inspired by my colleague Ryan (Great videos if you’re interested in sustainability) who focuses on green, I’m a web guy through and through, so here’s some resources.

Update: Techcrunch has a very interesting story comparing Yahoo and Google, who’s more green.

Resources to make your website Green, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly:

Web Hosting:
There are web hosts that are powered by solar panel, wind, or some type of combination of traditional and natural power. I’m not going to list out every web host who is green (there will be thousands soon) but I’ll point to definitive indexes that list them out.

  • Find a Green Host: List of Green Web Hosts
  • More Wind and Solar-Powered Web Hosting
  • Plethora of Options for Green Web Hosting
  • Sustainable Solar & Wind Web Hosting
  • Hitachi: Five Steps to a Green Data Center (PDF)
  • Green Energy
    Your computers, servers, and data centers will need to consider green power.

  • Energy Star Program
  • How to green your electricity: More tips to improve consumer and corporate energy
  • EPA’s Green Power Partnership
  • Servers, Storage, and Networking in the “Green” news
    I’ve noticed an increase in hardware manufactures starting to build marketing campaigns and initiatives around sustainability and going green.

  • IBM, Dell Servers Go Green
  • HP details plans for data center cooling
  • Sun goes Green
  • Storage Goes Green
  • IBM Allots $1B to Push Green
  • Hitachi Data Systems launches Green Storage
  • Computer and Server Recycling:
    Computers only have a limited shelf life, so what happens to those out of date pieces of hardware after your sys admin throws them in the dumpster? I recently recycled some old PCs and learned that computers will head to 3rd world countries and really damage the environment and people.

  • Computer Recycling & Reuse: Various resources
  • Ten Tips for Donating a Computer
  • How to: Recycle Your Computer

  • Other ways to have a Green and Sustainable Website

    You know that one web developer you worked with, and you wondered if he ever took a shower? Well he was just being eco-friendly. Well aside from making your developers work in the dark and forcing your UI designers to sell their cars, there are others ways to green your work

  • How to Green Your Work
  • Telecommute, reducing emissions and byproducts from commuting
  • Print Friendly Website: I’ve experienced so many print un-friendly websites that end up using 3-4 pages of paper for one screen.
  • Create green software
  • Leave a comment below if you’ve other resources to make a website Green, Sustainable, or Eco-Friendly. By the way, this website is hosted by DreamHost, which has recently gone green.