Ustream making UI improvements and launches Reality Show contest

Ustream evolves
Ustream guys have been using Scoble, Pirillo, myself and all the other users as the test dummies to start improving the ustream experience. Chris has been ustreaming like crazy lately, he’s been pretty much a 24/7 show (and aimed at his camera when sleeping). Last night, Chris noticed that they improve some of the UI features, and provided a video stream so you could easily see what others are experiencing. This is important (as I’ve been ustreaming at many conferences) I hadn’t always known if others were seeing or could hear me. Sometimes when part of the feed would drop, I would get a phonecall from a friend. One time, I was talking to myself while walking down Market street in SF and the video dropped. I was looking like an idiot for no reason, rather than for a little reason.

I’m too boring to lifecast, but maybe you’re not
If you go to the Ustream site they’ve just launched a reality show for lifecasters, Do you think your life is that interesting? They will be accepting applications for 10 individuals for some type of ‘grant’. If I were in college again, I think my life would be more interesting, I’ll pass, but maybe you’d be interested.