GigaOm and The Ladders at SF (Video walk through using Viddler)

A six figure salary is pretty common for any median (700-800k) homeowner in the SF bay area. But for many, a six figure salary is still a benchmark into management, and into the “big” time.

That’s why The Ladders (a premiere recruiting site) helps employers and job seekers connect for a small fee. With the launch of Om’s recent entrepreneur webzine powered by PublicSquare has launched, I can see the need to connect with the highly qualified.

Last night’s event was great, the usual bloggerati was present, great hors’ dourves, and a wonderful bay setting in San Francisco.

I saw Kevin Tailrank, Team Bubble, Dr Pepper, Scoble, Justin TV, LaughingSquid, Irina, and many others. Thanks to Joanne Wan, and Om for being great hosts.

Update: Lane Hartwell’s photos turned out really great on Flickr, all the photos look so rich! Wired blogs have Lane’s photos up.

Video of the party: I did a complete walk through, which is fun because you can see so many people. I used viddler to tag them.

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