Thoughts on Twitter, and what would you ask the CEO?

Jennifer Jones, the host of the Marketing Voices Show will be having Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter on her show. She leaned over and asked me some of my thoughts on Twitter, and I’ve decided to respond here:

My thoughts on Twitter as a communication tool

1) Twitter is a communication tool, if people are talking there, and being influenced then marketers should consider being part of this

2) Twitter is for the inner inner circle, while uber elite, they can influence others,

3) Things that are discussed on Twitter, sometimes happen faster than blog posts, it’s closer to real-time than asynchronous to blogs.

4) I use my feedreader less and less, primarily due to twitter, dangerous? maybe.

If you’ve any questions for Jack, what would you ask him?

Do you think Twitter is a valid marketing tool? Communication Tool?

Questions I have for Jack the CEO of Twitter:

1) Why are there so many errors/slowness with Twitter, any plans on improving service?

2) What’s the proper way to describe using Twitter? Twittering? Tweet? Tweeting?

3) Exactly How many cats does he have working in IT? Are they oursourced? H1B Visa?

If you ask a question in the comments, you will be credited on the show! Oh, one other thing, this is happening today, so please ask questions now. Oh yeah, I just Twittered this to my 377 followers, maybe that will increase responses on this blog in real time. Feel free to add me as a friend too.