LinkedIn’s Community Evangelist steps in, prevents PR Implosion (and keeps Rubel Relevant)

I was watching the chatter in real time today as Mario Sundar, LinkedIn’s Community Evangelist and friend of mine respond instantly to Steve Rubel, PR A-lister in Twitter. Should his complaints have gone unanswered, this would have spiraled into a LinkedIn complaint fest. Steve’s blog post documents the near catastrophe.

Fortunately, Mario saw the opportunity (he’s linked into the conversation on blogs, twitter, and god knows what else) and responded quickly to Steve’s deleted profile.

[LinkedIn Recently hired Mario Sundar as Community Evangelist, who quickly prevented a PR implosion by rapid customer service using real-time social media tools]

Nothing could be worse than a Social Networking profile of a PR blogger disappear, it’s just two minutes from internet Armageddon, nothing would make a Blogger more irrelevant than a deleted internet profile! (I exaggerate of course). Drama aside, the issue is resolved, Steve is happy, and life continues on.

“LinkedIn restored me! Thanks gang!”-exclaims Rubel via Twitter

This is testament to the value of a Community Manager: Support, Marketing, Customer Advocate, and Product Requirements Documenter. Not sure about this role? I wrote about it, and listed out some good examples.

Mario earns a stripe on his Community Manager Rank. Kudos to Steve for encouraging change. Unfortunately for Mario, LinkedIn will likely insert a router into his spine, and he’ll be forced to watch the blogo/twittersphere 24/7 now to respond in real time.