Internet Strategy Forum user group to expand to San Francisco (seeking members)

If you’re responsible for the long term direction of your company’s website in the San Francisco bay area, connecting with your peers with the Internet Strategy Forum will help you to move your career forward.

Sync up with your other Web Strategy peers by joining the Internet Strategy Forum, it’s really a user group for those in Marketing, IT, and Web Product Management.

What’s my relationship with ISF? I was one of the founding charter members of the Bay Area group (although it lost some momentum). Last week, I met with founder Steve Gehlen in Portland, and interviewed him for the Web Strategy Show. Now, at Podtech, I’m a vendor to companies, and I may help out by setting up a solution to help companies under Steve’s direction.

Former colleague and friend Lisa Demoney will be heading up the SF Chapter, considering how organized she is, this chapter will certainly be a success. If you’re convinced this is something for you, apply for membership for the upcoming SF Chapter, or even consider other regional chapters.

If you’re wanting to attend the ISF conference, it’s in Portland this July, I’ll be there!