Yahoo Mail Beta Feedback

I’ve been using Yahoo Mail Beta, it’s Ajax, and is supposed to have a richer user experience. Some feedback:

1) The Preview pane in Firefox is scrunched down to a small area, and I can only effectively see a few lines. When trying to ‘drag’ the window larger, it won’t move.

2) As a result, I switched to IE 7. The tabs on the top area sometimes go blank, causing me not to know what’s in which tab. This is somewhat problamatic when there are multiple tabs open

3) Tabs. I get a lot of email, and as a result, end up responding to lots of email as well. For every email opened and responded to, a new tab is opened. That’s a lot of tabs. I use the shortcut “control + \” to close tabs.

4) That works well, except when I close all the tabs I can no longer return to the inbox. When I click on the inbox it goes to the homepage and I can’t see the mail.

5) Then, I switch back to Yahoo Mail normal. Sometimes, I get too much mail and want to quickly browse mail and switch to Beta. repeat above.

Lastly, I looked around the Yahoo Mail Beta Website (linked above) I didn’t see any lists of the team, a blog, pictures or anything else human. Open up to us!

Putting this feedback in context
Overall, this mail program works pretty good, it’s just a few minor things that are getting sorted out. I know that negative feedback screams so much louder than positive feedback, so to put things in perspective, I give Yahoo Mail a C+ or a B- as far as email applications go. It’s close, and I’m sure it will get better.

Also, I’m a Yahoo Shareholder, so I really want to see them improve their products.