Webvisions 2007: Slides and Video Social Media Strategies for Corporations

Update: I’ve uploaded my slides to Slideshare (Thanks Brian Oberkirch for the tip, be sure to see where I quoted you) from my Webvisions presentation in Portland. There were over 50 people in the room, most were very sophisticated with social media, and many had already deployed many of these tools within the organization. Of course, I got the usual, “What’s the ROI” question, and other great commentary.

I was ustreaming the whole presentation live, and there were people in the chat room talking, commenting, and I even took questions from the chat room, a true demonstration of how social media is used. For the most part, I try to answer two questions from the live audience to every one in the chat room, I still feel we should focus on those that are physically closest to us.

As usual, Webvisions was great, this year a little more intimate, but that gave more quality as far as building relationships, getting to know people and having meaningful relationships, it’s much harder to do that at other conferences –like Web 2.0 or SXSW.

Thanks Brad, Ross, and especially Kit Seeborg for having me out, I love staying at hotel Lucia.


I love Ustream. They let me archive whatever I want at no cost (and you too)

I’ve embedded my presentation below.

Ustream Video Capture

Slideshare Slides