Web Strategy Show: How to start a Web Analytics Program at your Company with Avinash Kaushik

Old buddy Avinash Kaushik has joined me at the PodTech HQ, he’s recently joined the Google Analytics team after a long career at Intuit as the chief Analytics leader. We discuss how organization can use Web Analytics:

“The term Web Analytics is going to Die!”

“Start Web Analytics by NOT spending any money”

“Why page views are NOT dead?”

This is the Web Strategy Show, my short video interviews with some of the top minds and practioners in the web industry. I try to keep it very high value, starting with a problem or idea and working through the options and finally a recommendation. This is really an extention of this blog Web Strategy.

I’m lucky to have good friends like Rocky (The ScobleShow editor) help out with my show. I’m tagging all my shows “Web Strategy Show” if you want to view the others.