A Salute to Harry McCraken

I had the privilege to be a moderator for a panel where Harry was sharing his honest insights about the future of the web. He’s an extremely bright individual and has years (decades?) of experience in the technology industry.

Today, it’s sad to hear that he’s decided to leave his post at PC World, likely due to frustration from a story that he was writing that was cut, looks quite political. I’m sure we’ve all wanted to walk off a job at one point in time, it takes a lot of guts to really make someone do do this.

Here’s to Harry who will certainly land somewhere better, where his authoritative voice will be heard. Harry, if you see this, please email me, my email is on the right nav column of this blog, as I only have your PC World address, I’d love to stay in touch.

Update: May 10th, Harry has returned!