Lunch 2.0 at Netgear and LinkedIn

It’s summer time again and that means it’s time for community lunches around the valley. First it will be at LinkedIn where my buddy Mario Sundar is the Community Evangelist. Secondly, PodTech will be recording video for our client NetGear in Santa Clara.

A few days ago, I recommended that Oracle (who’s been suggesting they don’t get blogger love they deserve) to consider hosting such a community event, here’s a few reasons why it makes sense:

1) Reach out to the community
2) Those who show up are passionnate about technology the web
3) Those that come are often influencers and share online using Social Media
4) It’s low cost…how much is lunch and schwag?
5) Great to network, meet folks
6) It’s fun

If you’re going to attend these lunch meetups leave a comment on the blog! Be sure to read Terry Chay’s Lunch 2.0 Founder’s chronicle of this event. Jeremy Toeman (Who I was so pleased to meet yesterday, again) gives some details from his blog.