Social Media Club on June 11th. Use the optimized registration code

The Social Media Club Workshop is on June 11th in Palo Alto, I’ll be one of the presenters. We’ve got a little contest to see which speaker can attract the most folks, and we’re using discount registration codes to track. Shel is promoting his code from his blog (and announcing Giovanni to kick off the conversation) he promotes his code, but mine’s better. Why enter that extra letter (his is four characters) when you can enter three and save yourself a keystroke. To registered with the streamline, optimized code, use OWY and get a discount. I know a lot of you who read this blog are doing social media at your corporation, I’d really encourage you to attend and register. … Continue readingSocial Media Club on June 11th. Use the optimized registration code

Checking out Google’s Webmaster tools at Google Dev Day

I’ve got some other notes I’ll be publishing, but in the meantime, here’s a little interesting tool that if you’re managing a website to know about. I’m at the Google Developer day here at the San Jose convention center and had a nice close up tour of the Web Master tools that Google provides. Did you know that you can see who’s linked to you, and export the data? While the data is alpha organized and a bit raw, it may have data (or richer data) than what Technorati brings to you. You can also check out Google queries, and how people found your site, and which keywords they used. I found out that I show up as the fourth … Continue readingChecking out Google’s Webmaster tools at Google Dev Day

Wireless Access for everyone with Meraki “Free the net”

Running a conference with limited bandwidth? How about a large campus or even home owner association? Even if you manage a city (like SF) Wifi is a great attractor for new tenents that are tech savvy. I’m sitting with Chase Phillips of Meraki Networks which is a company in Mountain view that is helping to provide internet access to everyone, How? They offer a repeatable mesh network that encourages others to share, and bring internet access to others. Meraki is a Greek word that means “From the soul, or from the heart” and in the spirit of Web 2.0, giving to get more is the mantra. You can check out their website where the Meraki Mini is for sale for … Continue readingWireless Access for everyone with Meraki “Free the net”

A list of web ready CRMs companies and sites (and a cheaper alternative to SalesForce)

Many startups out there need to keep track of customer, prospect, and partner information, including the status of those relationships. For many, SalesForce is too expensive for their needs. Since we’re all living the the ‘new’ web world where software is everywhere, I’d thought I’d put together a list of CRM systems you could use, please add to the comments of other CRMs systems List of Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs): SalesForce Daffodil CRM Centric CRM SugarCRM CRM Solution Sales Boom Free CRM Boss CRM Klyptix Boss CRM VTiger

Zooomr Support by Sun and Zoho

I’m really glad to see that the Zooomr guys are getting their site (which has been offline for more than a week) back in order. Their site went down as they tried to launch the third release of their product, sadly, this is a disaster. They lost data and there have been some hardware issues. I know that there were some issues with funding of Zooomr, and I can see where additional resources are critical in keeping a website alive, funding is critical for a rainy day (and when it rains it pours). I’m really impressed with Sun, (they love startups) a big ol’ behemoth enterprise company has provided data storage hardware to Kris and Thomas, and Zoho is helping … Continue readingZooomr Support by Sun and Zoho

What’s the difference between a Portal and an Aggreagtor? not much really

Portals are Dead. Portals are Dead. = the mantra of Web 2.0, content is distributed, open, and amorphous. The Web Portal, which gained fame in the late 1990s was a web application that was intended to keep eyeballs on one page by providing all the information in a dashboard type style at once. From 2000-2003 I was the UI designer on the MyExodus customer portal, it was a lot of fun. An Aggregator, like a feedreader, techmeme, page flakes, netvibes, and myyahoo (and now facebook) is designed to collect all the information you want on to one page. If you think about it for a moment, Google search results is actually an aggregator too. So what’s the difference between a … Continue readingWhat’s the difference between a Portal and an Aggreagtor? not much really

Community Resource for Web Designers: Edezines

Robyn of Edezines first contacted me because she was interested in advertising on my blog. (which I think is a fantastic). I’m not quite ready for ads on my blog, although the topic is coming up more and more lately. I checked out her site Edezines, and found that it’s really an online resource for the Web Design community. It looks like a resource to me, so I asked her to describe it in detail: “ is a self-proclaimed web design directory. In this case that means that Edezines has resources for those interested in both hiring a web design firm and learning how to do their own site designing. On one hand there is a directory of designers and … Continue readingCommunity Resource for Web Designers: Edezines

Is my blog crashing your browser?

I’ve heard from two people now that my blog is causing browsers to crash, maybe it’s the large pictures, videos, Google analytics, or maybe a tag that I’ve not closed in the HTML. I’ve reduced the amount of posts that can be viewed on this blog, (it’s now 15) so please let me know if you’re having any issues. So if you’re reading this in a reader, can you please go to my blog and check?

Questions you should ask before taking that “Social Media” or “Community” role

I know most of the “Community Managers” in Silicon Valley and beyond, many of them are my friends, I read their blogs, see them at events. A small group I help them to grow, and mentor them as Shel Israel did to me, so I know the Community manager role well. We also know that the Community Manager role is appearing at almost every company, (learn more about this role) and every PR firm is starting to have a division to focus on this area as well. This is a great list of questions that arm anyone that’s going into a role that requires them to be involved with social media. James Durbin has spent some time to help the … Continue readingQuestions you should ask before taking that “Social Media” or “Community” role

Lunch 2.0 at NetGear

Another successful event, I’m told it was 120 guests, for this bbq event, which included aprons “Cooking up your network”, the sign up post exploded this morning with maybe two dozen sign-ups. NetGear’s digital living room was very cool, PodTech video crew was there to capture some video for our client, and interviewed many folks, including Drue Kataoka who’s a resident bay area artist in the form of traditional Japanese style “Sumi-E”, the bubilicious team, Web Developer Brian Stephens (who has the famous Chocolate Blog), Web Developer Michael Gobaco, Web professional Chris Salazar, Waili and friends from Savvis (who should host the next Lunch 2.0 and do a data center tour), Jeremy Toeman, and many others. It’s pretty amazing the … Continue readingLunch 2.0 at NetGear