How Guy Kawasaki became Technorati’s #24 ranked blogger (and how he aims to be 10, then maybe retire)

Arrogant A-lister? Succesful Entrepreneur? Or a generous knowledge resource?

Guy is never a short of words as he shares how he became one of the top bloggers so quickly (I’ll admit, I was one who is jealous as he skyrocketed to fame in 3 month). His content is often written as a resource, a “how to” be an evangelist or entrepreneur.

Best quote? “Who give a Shitake” about your personal journal. I was the one that told Jennifer not to throw around that “A-list” term, well she asked Guy right up front, pretty cool. Wow, Guy has a nice estate, what an incredible backyard. His goal is to be ranked in Technorati as the top 10, he’s 14 pegs away. Guy says he doesn’t read any other blogs other than his, well he only has about 40 feeds that he reads.

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