Blogger Dinner this Tuesday in SF

Hugh McLeod is coming in this week, a blogger dinner at Gordon Biersch Brewery is going to happen on Tue night if you can make it. Scoble has news, or sign up on the wiki (see who’s going already).

Try to avoid the traffic from East bay, so take BART if possible. Did you know the freeway in Oakland melted from an exploding tanker? Thomas Hawk even took pictures. I got a lot of news from Dave Winer on Twitter, see how I get my news?

What does it take for Hugh to draw on the back of my business card some art or a caricature? Anyone know what I need to bribe him with?

I hope to see you there…afterwards, I’ll be heading to Kris Tate’s new pad in SF, he’s turning “nearly 30”. (not really, but you get the idea)