The Education System gets serious about Social Media. Community Managers extend past Corporate

I’m excited for Mark Krupinski who has accepted a role as a Community Manager at Rasmussen Colleges. He’s been an advocate of social media and has had a somewhat frustrating experience at his previous company who simply, well, didn’t get it. Apparently Rasmussen is not like that, they encourage him to be creative, reach to the community and want him to experiment with other interaction devices that could increase education results, interactive environments like SecondLife.

While community is nothing new in the collegiate experience, for a the formal web organization of an educational group to start thinking about these tools for education is fantastic. Setting up tools so that students can learn from each other, share information, interact, argue and connect. Since this is the way we’re expected to perform in the future workplace, why should we limit it only there? I’ve seen some tools that Mark will be sure to look at in the Web 2.0 arena focused on Education.

Congrats to Mark, and Congrats to Rasmussen colleges for creating such a modern, interesting, and effective role.