I used to Salsa Dance (Entertaining Video, have a laugh)

Justin TV is with my former Salsa Instructor Tomaj Trenda (who is a great teacher). We hired Tomaj to teach us to dance, we went to a clubs for about 2 years, and even did a Salsa Performance at our Chinese Wedding banquet. See, I’m not just disruptive in corporate communications, but in other areas of my life too.

We liked him so much, we even did a testimonial for him, while our videographers were taping some B-Roll for our wedding video, watch it here.

We don’t dance as much now, but if someone wants to throw a blogger salsa dance party, we’ll show up!

I’m not smooth, but I had fun, and did it for her!

Update: If you love Internet Radio as much as I do (I have a few Salsa Channels on Pandora) please read this post and consider signing the petition.