PodTech’s Scoble and Jeremiah to Test UStream Technology at Web 2.0 Expo

Update: The live stream of the conference is available here.

Friend and CEO of UStream TV Chris Yeh (lead investor and acting CEO of Ustream) was kind enough to swing by PodTech and by on my upcoming Web Strategy Video Show this Thursday. PodTech is a “new” media company so CEO John Furrier was thrilled when the opportunity came up.

Chris asked me “how can I get people more aware of our technology” Robert and I looked at each other and said “give it to us!”. The next day, Chris came back with the full gear: Logitech cameras, USB extended cables, black hats where he taped on a rig, and set us up with premium accounts at UStream.

While we agreed to wait ’till Monday to let the world know about what we were testing, Scoble in his excitement, Twittered it (the man can’t help but share, gotta’ love him).

Watch Live: His stream is now live to the whole world as he and the family drive to Merced.

Yes, while Robert has mentioned he’s copying Justin TV (We have great respect to Justin, who is the first to do this, those guys are amazing innovators) the experience is a bit different, as he won’t be wearing it 24/7 (or will he?).

Update: Michael from Justin TV just sent me a friendly email and congratulated us.

My Strategy
For me, this is a proof of concept test. And also, since there’s already one Asian guy in the bay area walking around with a helmet cam on, I’ll not be “life casting” but will be testing the technology out on behalf of PodTech’s clients, some of which will want to use this technology for corporate events.

My mission is to stream the speakers live at the Web 2.0 expo this coming week and report back to you all.

Stay tuned, I’ll publish the URL to my live web mobile cam soon.

What you need to do this:

1) Webcam (we’re using a 100 dollar logitech, called the QuickCam for Notebooks Pro

2) Hat, and put some duct tape on it so it can clip on

3) Laptop (you can change power settings so when you close the laptop it does not hibernate) and power cables and batteries as needed

4) Wireless signal (we’re using EVDO, or 3G)

5) Ustream account (free)

Observations So Far

  • The sound is a bit distorted, we’ll have to figure out how to reduce the gain.
  • There’s only a 3 second delay, it’s near real-time

  • Scoble and Chris Yeh, Founder of UStream at PodTech
    Scoble and Chris (lead investor and acting CEO of Ustream). Chris asked us “How can I get the word out about Ustream?”

    Chris Yeh of ustream sets up the gear for us
    He came back the next day and configured everything for us, thanks for the hustle Chris!

    The logitech camera
    The camera

    Extra long USB Cable
    Extra long USB Cable, so you can have some flexiblity

    Chris Yeh fixed the camera to the hat for us
    Hat + Camera = Mobile Web Stream

    Do not check "Hibernate" so it doesn't go to sleep when idle
    Change your power settings, so your laptop doesn’t go to sleep

    Turn laptop power to "Always on" so it still broadcasts when screen is closed
    How to keep the laptop on, even when the screen is closed