Om Malik’s new Network uses PublicSquare, a new Webzine Platform

Om Malik has launched a new WebZine, Found and Read (online magazine of multiple authors) network for entrepreneurs. While this is a unique story among itself, I’m more interested in the Web Strategy and platform that has enabled this unique network to publish it’s own ideas.

If you don’t know about PublicSquare, it’s a unique content management system with blog like features and robust permissions and editing systems. It also has community based voting features which help to bubble the best stories up to the top of any webzine.

Om’s network isn’t the only customer, the famed User Experience and Information Architecture community uses PublicSquare to publish on Boxes and Arrows.

Unlike blogs (which quickly become UN-scalable for real webzines) Public Square let’s multiple contributors be authors, as well as support an editorial process (to keep the best quality being published). Perhaps one of the best features of this tool is that it has many more self-regulating tools so one person doesn’t take the brunt of the work –it’s more evenly distributed among the editors, authors and of course the community –a feature set that’s new to web publishing.

I was fortunate to have been introduced by web expert Kit Seeborg (now helping with PublicSquare) to the Founder and CEO Christina Wodtke this week,

“The site is to be by entrepreneurs for entrepreneuers. Om wants to let entrepreneurs tell their stories. He chose PublicSquare because it allows the audience to be active contributors, not just commenters.”

If your group, neighborhood, orginziation, customers, support staff, kick boxing class, hiking club, or any other group wants to start a community magazine (and monetize) you really should look at PublicSquare.