Thinking about your Global Web Strategy

(Left: World Population Map, first spotted from Ted Rheingold)

Many corporations and organizations love to build web apps as they can easily and quickly scale the whole planet.

But before you slap on Kanji and German on your top navigation and copy and paste folders into a new folder you’ve got to first think about the ramifications of doing so.

There’s a few things to think about before you begin a Global Web Strategy:

Is your business direction and focus ready for Global?

Do you understand users well enough in the regions you’re seeking

Is your website architecture scalable, flexible, and able to change when having multiple versions?

For the current population, you can see from this map above that most of the world’s population is in Asia.

For Internet Adoption you can check out these stats on who’s using the web, and subsequent growth rates.

Lastly, during Bay Chi Web this week, Kelly Goto discussed that China’s youth has only 9 dollars in currency to spend online a year, which is vastly different than the hundreds or thousands North American youths spend.

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