Feeling good about recycling my old PCs

I’m not a tree hugger or earth hippie by any means, but I do want our tech industry to remain a thriving long term helpful addition to this planet for a long time to come. Yesterday, I dropped off 3 of my old tower PCs (some even had windows 97 on them) to Green Citizen in Palo Alto (there’s other locations too). The recycling fee was 10 bucks each, which I’ll write off my taxes.

Also, they won’t be reusing the computer, and the data will be properly disposed of as they crush it at a facility and then the parts are resold to be recycled into other manufactures.

Click on some of the pictures below, to read about how some PCs get sent to other countries causing massive damage to environment as they are ‘melted’ down to get semi-precious metals.

I also cleared out some room in the garage, it’s a win win win.

Picture 051Picture 043Picture 046
Picture 045Picture 048Picture 049