Justin.tv at PodTech Headquarters Monday, Tune in and Watch Live

Tune in to Justin.tv on Monday, March 26,2007 from 12-2pm PST as Justin tours and PodTech HQ.

Justin Kan of Justin.tv will be at PodTech Headquarters tomorrow sometime during lunch and early afternoon to take a tour of our Palo Alto facility and meet some folks.

Justin has a webcam attached to his hat and is streaming content live as he goes on his adventures around San Francisco. He’s got corporate sponsors (many of which products are visible in his apartment) and is hanging out with many of the bay area’s techno elite, and getting lots of media coverage LaughingSquid, Digg, Thomas Hawk, and Wired Magazine. You can see his schedule live on his website, which is published for all to see.

He also is doing a photoshoot with Business 2.0, was in the SF Chronicle and had some drama about a prank cop call, which was covered by TechCrunch.

Remember Truman show? It’s kind of like that. Anyways, login to his site tomorrow during lunch, and you’ll see him come by and chat with me and others, live on the web.

This is the future of digital generations, real-time live sharing on the web.

Bonus: Check out my video interview with Justin, a few weeks before his site went live.