PhotoBlog of SXSW Interactive Day 2

Picture 672

Today was more about work than play. With the PodTech Vloggies booth in full steam, I spent some time there, and also started to interview more people for my Web Strategy Video Show. More news on that to come.

I realize the posts are long in length, but I can tell the story best using pictures, I chrono them from the start of the day ’till the end. View all my photos tagged “SXSW” on flickr.

About my photo “strategy” Someone called me a photo snapper, yesterday, I think that’s an appropriate description, I use a small camera, know the settings somewhat well, and am able to maneuver quickly to get the right shots. One trick I learned, is to not be scared, get up and take pictures of interesting things, and people. You can read people’s faces to see if they want to have their pic taken, if not, ask.

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Picture 774
Escalator Interview

Picture 759
Amanda being Interviewed

Picture 786
New Friends

Picture 744
Trade Show presenter

Picture 736
Mozilla’s Firefox had the most Effective marketing, people were paying for tshirts

Picture 837
Wiki the Wabbit

Picture 719
Mr and Mrs Carson

Picture 684
Lego Explosion

Picture 659
Blue man group

Picture 594
Scoble is wearing his “wearing my twitter shirt” shirt

Picture 650
Rafe, who I had sushi with for diner, excellent conversation

Picture 851
Brian Oberkirch and Liz Henry

Picture 854
Allen Stern of CenterNetworks

Picture 619
$950 Video Editing Keyboard (We take video seriously at PodTech)

Picture 758
Valeriewag at PodTech’s Vloggies booth

Picture 807
Gallacticast and Irina at PodTech’s Vloggies booth

Picture 792
Andrew Barron and Robert Scoble at the PodTech’s Vloggies booth

Picture 843
Ask a Ninja at PodTech’s Vloggies Booth