PhotoBlog of SXSW Interactive Day 1

Being my first time at SXSW, I’m told that the attendance has increased 60% from last year. I’m not surprised as there is thousands of web professionals, media creators, and like-minded individuals crawling the halls (That was the nicest way of saying “Geek Convention”). Many of the folks here I recognize from the bay area, it’s amazing how a segment of Palo Alto and South Park SF was picked up and transplanted here in Austin Texas.

Below are some of the pictures I took from Day 1, I don’t have a great camera (just a $350 Canon IS700) but I do my best!

I noticed that Seagate has the highest presence here as a sponsor of the event. I’m not surprised, as their one of our biggest clients, and really understand and get the new data creators.

Read my session notes from: Turning Projects Into Revenue Generating Businesses (Rheingold, Hunt, Rivera, Victor, Carson)

Laughing Squid has the ultimate photo collection on flickr.

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Picture 461
Thousands of SXSW Give Away bags

Picture 443
Interactive exhibit

Picture 456
Guitar Heroines

Tim Ferris and Irina Slutsky
Tim Ferris and Irina Slutsky

Picture 587
Biz Stone (of Twitter) gives Brian Oberkirch an official “I’m wearing my Twitter Shirt” memento

Cute "Anime" hat
“Anime” hat, cool!

Picture 529
Rare Pink Xacti Video Camera (HD too) Sanyo gave it to her direct because of her awesome Vlogging…Jealoussssss (ok, well not about the pink part)

Picture 506
Irina gets a free massage in the Press Room (I was right after her, us PodTech employees work SO hard)

Picture 501
I love hanging with Kit Seeborg, she’s so genuine and sweet

Picture 522
Andrew Barron being interviewed

Picture 523
Serious Vlogger Gear

Picture 363
Groups that gather to go to lunch often fragment to 4-6 folks, above that is too confusing.

Picture 379
Shiner and Ribs for lunch, Austin Style

Picture 489
MJ and soon to be husband

Good to see Andy Couch
Old Friend Andy Couch

Picture 362
Mobile Info

Picture 310
Lone traveler

Picture 328
Main Hall for Keynotes

Picture 536
Non-tourage girls

Picture 483
BYOG: Bring your own gaming (Gamers setup their own arcade on the floor)

Picture 481
Gaming Girl

Picture 474
Live Gaming sponsored by Seagate

Picture 449
Toyota had a strong presence, a Yaris was modified for gamers

Picture 473
Real Time Gaming in the ScreenBurn section

Picture 319
Press Room is relaxing

Picture 578
Rustic 8 Bit Party Bar

Picture 566
Classic Gaming

Picture 563
A real Tex Mex chip!

Picture 560
Texas style Bar

Picture 557
Jedi Illumination

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