Updating the “Living” posts and indexes (Refreshing the Library)

In case you can’t tell, I really like being a resource for people that need help, as such, I’ve started respositories and indexes to guide people through their ‘Web Strategy Challenges”.

I’ve a few posts that I actively update, so far, they’re one of the few areas where you can find such lists. Since these posts were first published some time ago, I’m signaling to you now that I’ve updated the following:

Updated Posts:

List of White Label (you can rebrand) Social Networking Sites
When I first started this list, there were only 8 companies that I knew of, now it’s close to 40. Some people don’t understand the difference between white label and a normal social networking site: White label means that you can completely rebrand it so it matches the user experience of your own website brand. (get it? A white label you can ‘draw’ on?). Several people have emailed me and told me this was an important post, and one VC told me this shows how overcrowded this market is.

Companies that measure brand in social media: Blogs, Forums, Podcasts, in addition to traditional and mainstream media. This is important, as we’ll be able to see who will be the leader here, there are free tools for quick ‘snapshot reporting’ but it’s no where the level of detail that we’ll need for sophisticated measurement. Check out all my posts tagged “social media measurement‘. This topic is important to me, as it’s important to my clients.

BlogHaus “Clip Report”

Although recently published, this list continues to grow.

Enterprise Online Data Storage
There’s only a few players here (and hundreds of small ones, that I don’t have time to list) of companies that offer Online Data Storage. I expect this list to double by the end of the year. Who will join? Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and other large enterprise companies.

I’m heading to the airport, and will be going to SXSW for a few days, I’ll be reporting both from a social media as well as taking a ‘corporate analysis’ to see which companies are representing here at this large show, and how they’re integrating both real-world and online web strategies to reach to this highly online and infectious community of creatives.