Speaking at Ad Tech with Ogilvy, Nokia, AdRants, and Ask a Ninja

What does a PR firm, a mobile phone, a ninja and a prophet have in common? Not much except for on April 24th – April 26th, San Francisco will be hosting the famous Ad Tech conference. I’ve been graciously invited by Rohit of Ogilvy to participate in a panel on social media, storytelling and letting your personality show. I’m looking forward to this sessions, as I’ll be with some of the top and interesting characters of our industry:

  • Rohit, our fearless moderator thinks we’ll have the best session.
  • Karl Long of Nokia Gaming will be there, he’s pretty excited to be in the presence of a deadly assassin.
  • I’m subscribed to AdRants, which gives us daily information about awesome and crappy ads on the web by Steve Hall.
  • And lastly, we’ll have Kent Nichols the co-Creator AskaNinja.com. Do you know the rules to create a Ninja Club of your own?
  • I hope we have some time to talk about Viral Videos vs Community Strategies, fake blogs, character blogs, and even the dreaded/loved Social Media Optimization topics, there’s some real right and wrong ways to get things done. It’s going to be a real busy week, as the day before, I’m speaking at the Customer Reference Forum.

    Leave a comment if you’re planning to attend, see you there.