Barack Obama’s Fundraising Style not impressing Shel Israel

John Edwards (or at least his staff pretending to be him) has recently joined Twitter, he’s one of my 91 ‘friends’. I know he’s flying to San Antonio as I write this blog post. Great transparency, even if it’s his staff.

Barack Obama on the other hand, has failed to impress Shel Israel, which Shel’s shared on his blog, and which I and thousands of others read. Now I’m sharing this with you all. Barack and team should respond to Shel quickly.

Everyone’s watching everyone and talking about it, there are no more secrets, just secrets that have not yet hit the internet. I hope political candiates are paying close attention to everything they do, since the web is how I primarily consume information, what I hear from my trusted peers makes an impact.

Update: Allen Stern reports that he is “…disappointed with Barack Obama’s spam