Scoble interviews Clare Hart, Executive at Dow Jones

Dow Jones visits PodTech

When Daniela told me she was going to bring her Executive Clare Hart from Dow Jones to meet with Robert, I was thrilled. I used to be a customer when Clare was the President of Factiva. At the time she was a blogger who was part of the conversation. At one time, she reached out to me via email, a very thoughtful touch from someone at the higher echelons to a customer.

Robert’s interviewed Clare here right in the PodTech headquarters, and has the story. There’s a few other pics I captured.

I encouraged Clare to consider doing a video show, she’s very personable, real, and down to earth. Video could be a good solution for her to communicate to the world, given the time it takes to blog, I’ve written tips on how to do that here.

Thanks for stopping by Dow Jones and Factiva folks!