When Web Advertising becomes Brilliant/Invasive?

I was hesitant to even blog about this, but I was so struck when I saw this, as it’s a very unique form of Web Advertising.

Has the internet really become so invasive that it follows us everywhere? This system in the left image was seen at the Illusions Superclub in Palo Alto, CA at the STIRR event this week.

Although there were no ads in rotation, apparently this advertising system pulls content from the internet, and I’m sure it could be easily customized for the crowd of any given event.

For those who’ve been in the bay area a few years, Illusions used to be the “edge” nightclub, which I went to (but only once, ok maybe twice, but don’t tell anyone) while in college. Apparently I’m not the only one who found this interesting, Joe did some research too.

If I were to give this system the ol’ Web Strategy treatment, I could say:

“The Eye Spy Advertising client is a unique web-based contextual delivery channel that engages captive users with disruptive content with 0% user opt-out”

So what do you think? Brilliant or Invasive?