Sun reaches to the Emerging Web Industry at the STIRR event

(Left: Scott McNealy, Co-founder of Sun shares with web startups the secrets to his success)

Sun continues to aims for Web Startups

As someone focused on the Enterprise Web Space, I’ve been watching this market, in fact I was on point for this on behalf of Hitachi Data Systems before I came to PodTech. I helped to coordinate a dinner with the CEO and CTO of Hitachi and some local Web 2.0 companies, and I saw what Sun was doing, they’re moving fast.

Wed night Scott McNealy the former CEO and co-founder of Sun gave his insight, tips, and advice to a few hundreds folks at STIRR in Palo Alto. (Here’s coverage the last time I attended) There was also a drawing for one of the SunFire servers. Sun’s got a full blown marketing program call Sun’s Startup Essentials –brilliant!

Scott insisted how their OS is open, free, and there is no lock down or lock in. They want the emerging web marketing to grow into their systems. Although Scott’s time was limited he was very engaging, warm and human in his presentation. One of this first lines was “wow everyone looks so young”. Perhaps in response to Valleywag’s thrashing of chains.

I remember when Sun launched the Thumper server (part web and storage server) and did some creative marketing, but I don’t think it took off.

STIRR Event and Demos
Thanks to the STIRR (The Emerging Technology Network) folks for putting on such a great event. There were demos from Attendio’s Gerardo Capiel, Collaborative Drug Discovery’s Barry Bunin, Confabb, Salim Ismail, (who promised to buy drinks for the next event, yup we’re holding you to it dude) and JobCoin’s Keith Schacht. It was pretty funny, if you weren’t on the invite or RSVP list, you had to pay $200 dollars to get in (picture is proof), I suspect that’s more of “scarecrow” than anything.

As a speaker and panelist, Confabb was interesting to me, as the audience can rate me and provide me with feedback on how I did. I’m not in the systems yet, but I see that 1/1 rating has given Marc Canter (one of my favorite speakers) a 5 star rating. (Marc, now show that to the SXSW organizers!)

JobCoin looks like a widget play for job listings. They’re not the only ones as SimplyHired also has a widget.

For additional coverage, check out’s videos and pics. (Update: As usual, they’ve done the comprehensive wrap up of the event, Rafe shares his experience, including some interesting discussion between him and Salim) Learn more about the STIRR event on their about page.

Update March 2nd: Colleague Scoble interviews Sun’s VP of Market Development about their approach to helping startups.

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