Need Storage for my Personal Media, understanding the 1TB Drive

I’ve got quite a bit of digital media in my life, I’m converting nearly all my CDs to MP3 hard drives, I use computers to get news, I don’t watch TV, and I don’t read newspapers. I’ve taken thousands of photos and started to create more and more video.

I’m pretty proud that my previous employer Hitachi is now a client of PodTech. Doug Pickford, Product Director at Hitachi Global Storage Technology (HGST) gives his thoughts about how storage is becoming so important in today’s market. A few weeks ago there was quite a few excited discussions through the blogosphere why this breakthrough in technology will help normal people like us be mobile.

Hitachi was innovative as they’re able to fit in more data per surface area, I’m sure you’ve seen this animation with the catchy music “get perpendicular”.

Not to be confused, Hitachi is a massive company, I was with HDS, the Storage Server division, which of course is very much tied to disk drives. Doug talked about semiconductor storage, how flash works with disk storage, and I’m watching the emergence of holographic storage.