Growing up and Replacing the Antiquated Page View Metric

Web Analytics alone are not sufficient in measuring what’s really happening on the web.

Steve Rubel wonders what the next form of measurement attributes will be. I’ve echo’d that the out of the ashes of Page Views will emerge another measurement.

Eric’s already started to measure Engagement

Two days ago, I talked with Eric who writes the amazing Web Analystics Demystified (as well as a few books). We talked about how the term Engagement is being used by different industries — Web Analytics, Advertising and by people like me in Social Media.

Compete is working on Attention

I spent some time with the guys from, they’re gathering ‘Attention’ data (how long users stay on websites) as one form of measurement. I video interviewed them, I’ll get that put up soon. (PodTech has quite a big of video footage that’s being put through the editorial process, Robert is amazing in the amount of content he creates)

Dow Jones, Factiva and the community have already crafted out requirements

A few months ago, Dow Jones’s Factiva (They also stopped by at PodTech yesterday as well) and a dozen Social Media, PR experts, and Corporate clients got together in Palo Alto to discuss what are the requirements for new measurement, I encourage you to read the whole post, as well as look at the trackbacks to find out what else was said.

So what will me measure?
We each define and measure it in different ways, and it really leads me to suspect that the future of measurement (and Eric agrees) that will likely be a flexible type of measurement that depends on the environment, client and industry.

Discussion tonight

Tonight is the Third Thursday event in Palo Alto, and the focus in on Social Media Measurement. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to make it toinght. Mike has the details, go if you can and report back to us!

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